What is digital distribution?

Digital distribution is the delivery or distribution of your digitalize master recording, with nearly zero cost and bypasses physical distribution methods. Digital distribution significantly lowered the cost of selling music products, and with the help of international music services, it's much easier to publish and sell your music worldwide.

What are the benefits of distributing music via J'in?

Anyone can sign up a J'in account for free. You can upload your music to any digital services/stores of your choice, and enjoy full access to J'in's services, including catalogue management, digital reporting, and banking etc.

How do you charge for your distribution service?

All of J'in's services are 100% free, no hidden costs or additional fees for encoding, uploading and delivering your music. We work solely on a percentage share of the revenue. For more details please check License Agreement for Digital Rights License Agreement for Sound Recording

Are there territorial restrictions or limitations to the J'in's services?

No. You are able to use J'in where ever and when ever to sell your music worldwide.

Who would sign up for J'in?

Whether you're a music creator, record label, or independent music artist, as long as you own the complete copyright to your music, you can share your music with the world via J'in. If you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian's signature is required, please click the "Contact Us" button if you have further questions.

What information do I need in order to sign up for J'in?

Signing up for a music distrubution account on J'in is very easy. Click on the "Join Us" page and our system will guide you through the 5 steps to complete the sign up! All you have to do is create a J'in account, choose the territories you would like to distribute your music to, fill in your basic informaiotn, verify your account, and log into J'in. 1. Enter an email address as your J'in account. 2. Go to J'in(https://console.jsjmusic.com/register)and register for your account. After you fill in the form, verify your email address. 3. Log back to J'in after you verify your email. 4. Create a "Personal" or "Company" basic informaion and bank informaion. 5. Confirm and agree to contract and hit "send" button.

I did not receive a verifaction email.

Please check the Spam/Junk section in your eamail folder first. If you still can't find the verifaction email, click here to resend verification email.

Why can't I edit information?

If you wish to edit a piece of information that cannot be edited on the system, please go to contact us and we'll help you edit your informaion.

I forgot my account/password.

Please click here to reset your password. If you still cannot login, please contact us.

How do I deactivate my account?

If you wish to deactivate your account, please go to contact us for deactivation.

Are there any restrictions when using J'in?

We recommend that you use Google Chrome (or the latest versions of IE11, Firefox, Safari, 360, and Tencent QQ) to operate this site. The upload speed of the song depends on your network environment. If you can't upload it successfully, please organize the webpage and upload it again. If you still can't upload it, please contact us.

What information do I need to have before I submit my release to you?

You will need to have your digital mastering files (see "Music Format Requirement" for details) , cover art (see "Common Cover Art Mistakes" for details), metadata, and release introduction, lyric files, and label copy ready before you submit your release vis J'in. J'in page will guide you through every step of the submission process.

What audio format do you accept?

We've stopped delivering MP3 files to digital music services since 2014; We only accept uncompressed audio files. You should prepare the audio at least 44.1 khz/ 24bit / stereo/ in WAV format. If the source of your master starts in high resolution, we can help you deliver your release as Master for iTunes (MFiT). Please tell us in advance as our music engineers need to process the delivery specifications. The source for MFiT must be at least ≥44.1 kHz/24 bit. Please do not up-sample to achieve this.

Common Cover Art Mistakes

You must provide at least one cover art for each release. Cover art must be at least 4000 x 4000 pixels JPEG or PNG file in RGB Color mode, minimum 72 dpi. Do not upload art that contains an embedded color profile, back cover or thumbnail art. For best results, deliver the largest pixel dimensions and highest resolution possible. Please also make sure the information on your cover art matches your release descriptions.

What shold I do if I don't have all the information required?

The material needed for music distribution is the music audio file, cover art, basic music information, lyrics and composition copyright (music copyright) and more. The required field will be reviewed after you submit it. If you have any questions regarding the required field, please see the information button for answers. If you still cannot resolve the question, please feel free to contact us.

How do I know what stage of process I am in after I upload the files?

J'in collaborates with all the major Chinese music platforms and international music platforms. Every platform has its own working process and therefore we suggest that you upload the complete music package along with your distribution request as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, J'in will review your informaion and once we make sure that there are no mistakes, we will pass the information on to the music platforms. Most platforms will complete the distribution process within 7-10 business days. If you would like to know the process of your distributionh, please go to "My Music" for status update.

When will I reveive my sales report?

On average, J'in will provide you with the newest update on sales report every month. In some cases, the reports may be delayes, but we will make sure that we will provide you the reports before the contract ends. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I access the revenue report?

After you login to J'in, you will find the information under "Revenue Report."

How to request payment from J'in.

You will need to issue an invoice to us in the amount set forth in the report. We will pay you via electronic bank transfer to the account you designated. We'll transfer your payment on the 15th or 30th of every month, and you'll receive the payment within 60 days after the receipt of your invoice by post. Please send us the hard copy of the invoice to this address: 18F No. 159 Songde Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan . Please note that if this is an individual request for payment (i.e. you are not a corporate, entity or company), please complete this Service Remuneration instead of an invoice as required by Taiwan laws. Moreover, if the payment amount exceeds NT$27,470, we will withhold a 2.11% tax charges on the payment to you as required by the laws; if the amount exceeds NT$20,000, we will withhold a 10% tax charge. We will remit any such withheld taxes to the appropriate tax authority. If you are requesting payments as a foreigner individual (i.e. Non-Taiwan resident, and also not a corporate, entity or company), please issue an Service Remuneration to us in the amount set forth in the report and send us the hard copy of the invoice to this address . Please note that we may withhold taxes on payments to you as required by the law, we will remit any such withheld taxes to the appropriate tax authority.
Please send us your invoice with the information below:
Company Name:
Tax No.:
Description: (Add the time period of your invoice after the description)

How to file a legal Invoice?

The invoice you provide should include your company's information (name/ telephone/ address or regestion number) and the recipient's company name. In addition, you should include item name, report sum, and your signiture. You will also find this information in the reports information.

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